Final Examination

Final Examination

English Study Program is going to run the Final Exam. It starts on June 28, 2018. The final Exam will end on July 11, 2018. One of the activities in final exam More »

Schedule of Accreditation

Schedule of Accreditation

BAN-PT_Jadwal-AL-SI-UKWMM_8-10- Juli 2018 Accreditation of English Study Program will be held on Monday, July 09, 2018. Those assessors are Dr. Atiq Susilo, M.A. (UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta) and Prof. Dr. Baso Jabu More »

Workshop of International Journal Writing and Publication at Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya

Workshop of International Journal Writing and Publication at Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya

In order to improve writing skills at international journal, three lecturers become the participants at workshop of INternational Journal Writing and Publication. This program is held on June 29, 2018 by Universitas More »

Becoming Presenter at Multidiciplinary Innovation for Sustainability and Growth (MISG) 2018 in Malaysia

Becoming Presenter at Multidiciplinary Innovation for Sustainability and Growth (MISG) 2018 in Malaysia

June 25, 2018 Yuli Widiana, M.Hum. succeeds in presenting her paper at International Conference in Malaysia. She is one of the lecturers of English Study Program. Now, she is also one of More »

Sharing for Takjil in Ramadhan

Sharing for Takjil in Ramadhan

Students Association of English Study Program hold “Sharing Takjil” for becak drivers and other people in front of railway station in Madiun. It is one of the Students’ ageenda in 2017. They More »


Gathering Night at El Bethel Karangpandan

The committee of Gathering night for English Study Program 2017 receives accommodation for transport. ALumni finance all transport for this program. They rent minibuses. The alumni still love such kind events because they ever have experienced with the program.  They

Smart English in SDN 2 Mojorejo Madiun

English Study Program is running “Smart English” in SDN 2 Mojorejo. This program is organized by Rr. Arielia Yustisiana, M.Hum. It is one of the Community Service Programs in Elementary School. Such kind of program is also supported by LP3M

Training for News Casting and Broadcasting in RRI Madiun

The Dean of Faculty of Letters (Drs. Dwi Aji Prajoko, M.Hum.) and Yuli Widiana, M.Hum accompany students in training of News Casting and Broadcasting at RRI Madiun. This program is designed by the English Study Program in order to improve

Joining for Quality Assurance Program from Kopertis VII

The head of English Study Program attends socialization related to the Model of Quality Assurance Program on Thursday, September 28, 2017 held by Kopertis VII jawa Timur. The participants are coming from 150 private universities. The speakers are Prof. Dr.

Reunion 2017

English Study Program invites some alumni on Sunday, September 24, 2017. We try to record alumni’s activities and job. Some of those are getting a nice job in Bank, private company, civil servant and other fields. We are happy in

Becoming a Presenter in Conference on Language, Linguistics and Literature (Colalite) in UNSOED)

    Rr. Arielia Yustisiana, M.Hum. presents her paper entitled “The Portrait of Terrible Conditions and Victims of the War as Seen through Imagery in Wilfred Owen’s “Dulce Et Decorum Est” in Colalite organized by Universitas Jendral Soedirman Purwokerto (UNSOED).

International Conference on Education, Social Sciences and Humanities

Yuli Widiana, M.Hum. as one of the lecturers in English Study Program succeeds in applying International Conference in Dubai. It is held on July 10 – 12, 2017. She is one of the presenters in delivering her paper entitled “A

English Contest in Social Evening 2017

The committee of Social Evening of ENglish Study Program, UNIKA WIMA is successful in organizing the News Casting, Speech, and Individual Debate Competition. Those contestants are from SMAN1, SMAN2, SMAN3, SMAN4, SMAN5, SMAN6, SMK1, SMK5, SMK4, SMK PGRI Caruban, SMAN1

Pelatihan Web

Hari ini tanggal 28 April 2017 di adakan pelatihan web admin di Puskom, pesertanya adalah Ketua Program Studi dan TU Program Studi (Prodi Sastra Inggris, Prodi TI, Prodi Biologi, Prodi Farmasi, Prodi Akuntansi, Prodi Manajemen, dan Prodi Psikologi). Semoga bermanfaat

Thanks for Antonius Ambar Widodo S.S.

  Antonius Ambar Widodo, S.S. was one of the alumni of English Dept. who has supported Social Evening 2017. He is a successful alumnus working for PT. Jatayu Surabaya. Now, he is participating in financing “Social Evening” related to English